What We Do

Land Layby UK Ltd is the pioneer of buy now, pay tomorrow land system in United Kingdom that services the needs of Kenyans and ultimately migrants in the United Kingdom. We specialize in Land Options – that facilitate buying land on the outskirts of a big city (land in the pathway of development) and waiting passively or actively until residential developers make it appreciate.


The best investment on earth is earth. Land value appreciation can be easily leveraged by good choice of investment location. Best land investments are those located in the pathways of development. The worst-case scenario when investing in land is the time it can take for it to gain value. Through its parent company located overseas, Land Layby UK Ltd directly benefits from the parent’s company investment to ensure resources on research and strategic planning are directed to identify properties with a high possibility of appreciating within the shortest time possible. The buyers will then get the rewards of investing in our land options products as the properties continue to appreciate over time.

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Patience and knowledge are the essential skills that are required when employing this strategy. Huge investment capital has been a challenge to many people since the concept is only practiced by individuals with a lot of money. Worry no more! Land Layby UK Ltd has done this for you again and it’s even better since we shall pass on some of the equity created. We now give you an opportunity to achieve your dreams with as little as GBP 80 per month for only 10 months.